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Polyester fabric
Polyester fabric Can be divided into the form of the interface in the interface, pin interfaces, pin, ring, plug and sludge dewatering net steel spiral ring interface card interface.Four harness single-layer networkFi
Polyester spiral dry net
Polyester spiral dry net Mainly used for paper mill paper drying, textile printing and dyeing products drying, suitable for m600 / s below the speed of the car. Apply on the bottom of the horizontal be
Polyester woven nets
Polyester woven nets Is mainly used for paper mill paper drying, drying and other industry areas. The company weave dry net, round wire and flat wire two types. 24503/22503 is suitable for the mu
Screw press filter
Screw press filter Spiral pressure filter is add filler wire spiral ring, the porosity decreases, and reducing the cost of materials on the surface of the mesh. Mainly used for press filter with
Sludge dewatering net
Sludge dewatering net Mainly used in belt type filter press, the rubber belt type vacuum filter, horizontal vacuum belt filter. Apply to the municipal domestic sludge, various industries of sludge
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