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Polyester net heat setting machine based on field bus control system

Date:2016-3-14 Click:
Content Assist:Abstract:thisarticleintroducestheheatsettingmachineprocess.Forheatsettingmachinefielddistributiondis
Abstract: this article introduces the heat setting machine process. For heat setting machine field distribution distributed SCADA system is designed, easy to process data acquisition and monitoring. Aiming at the problem of controlled object is too scattered, the design is based on the Profibus field bus distributed control system (DCS). A composition by profibus-dp fieldbus control system under the "one main five from", easy to manage discrete devices and communications. Upper monitoring system through the RS485 and Profinet fieldbus communication with PLC, to monitor process and management. During the debugging, the system of dynamic and steady-state performance can meet the control requirements. The device has been put into operation at present, enterprises have also made very good economic benefits.
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