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The company was founded in 1985, is a professional production, polyester mesh, the company predecessor fushun dry polyester net factory, hebei HuaQi industrial network co., LTD., is now changed to hebei huaqiang network industry co., LTD., a registered trademark HuaQi HQWY instead, is a large enterprise in the polyester mesh industry of China. Company now has professional and technical personnel 38, strong technical force, from abroad to introduce advanced production equipment and ancillary equipment, annual production capacity of 300000 square meters.
address:China's hebei province fushun xiao zhang townphone :+86 0318-8481888
contact :Mr. Song Q Q:3213608728Mobile phone:13903283535 18631817722 fax :+86 0318-8489288email

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International quality, the price of domestic manufacturer, hurriedly action! Huaqiang the net purchase hotline :0318-8489236CONSULT
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